Turbo Tubing... the Canadian Couch Potato Market.

Turbo tubing on the Grand River is something everyone can do... you don't require any skills like a canoe or kayak. This river adventure is for young and old... big and little... swimmers and non-swimmers!

It is amazing how people travel down the river in these tubes... from individuals paddling Lone Ranger... to families hooked in long elephant-chain of kids... to couples eternally strapped together. We even had a youth group do an attached circle of twenty tubes.

The favorite section is a 10 km paddle from above the village of Glen Morris ending at the Three Sisters... where everyone's car is parked.

This Glen Morris trip has short stretches of easy splash, slow drifting pools... to spots where you can get out and swim. The route is a wilderness setting. There are no stores or towns along the river.

Here is the link to information on prices/times for the Grand River Rafting Turbo-Tube trips.

How it works is quite simple. Park at the end point, meet the staff and get equipped with a kayak paddle, life jacket and dry bag. Then review the tubing route and what to expect.

Next get on a bus/van that shuttles to the start. At the start point you receive your turbo tube... and down the river you go... paddling back to your car with no time limit.

Suggested age is 3 years and up... straps are supplied for adults to hook children tubes to their own. Maximum weight range is around 300 lbs or 140 kgs. Tubing is not recommended for people with mobility issues of getting in and out of a low sitting boat.

The trips average about 3-3.5 hours for most... if the river is high after a heavy rain, it has been done in 90 minutes. Water temperatures range from 68-75 F or 20-23 C.

Recommended attire is bathing suits, shorts and t-shirts, shoes that can get wet, sunglasses with strings, baseball caps or wide brimmed hats and good sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. For those that are fair-skinned, long sleeves and pants are a good idea.

If looking for a great meal or ice cream after… visit the riverside town of Paris… walk this small town... experience the shops and restaurants... bring back good memories.

View of the Town of Paris on the Grand River.


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