Canoe Trips... It Takes Two to Canoe!

Paddling a canoe... truly requires two people working and communicating together. The success of the trip is determined by whether you are best friends or worst enemies at the end! If beginners, we suggest either a canoe lesson before your trip or divorce counselling after.

Canoeing is the nostalgic Canadian image that new comers want to try. And "yes", it is a beautiful as it looks, but know what you are doing!

Out of all the different types of trips we offer... rafting, turbo-tubing, yaking, stand up paddleboard, kayaking... canoeing is probably the hardest to learn. For big-sized people the canoe may not be the best choice, because canoes can tip over much easier.

And if your canoe is feeling tippy... just lower your centre of gravity by getting off the seat and kneeling on the floor of the canoe. Makes all the difference.

Taking a canoe lesson before the trip is worth the investment. Knowing how to steer a canoe is the difference between a great trip and a challenging trip.

Canoe lessons are about an hour long. They cover and practice how to get in and out of the canoe, how to steer the canoe, what to do if you tip over and choosing where to paddle.

The experience of paddling the Grand River is good for beginners and the experienced. There is the opportunity to paddle still water and moving water in a wilderness setting that is stunning.

Upon finishing the trip, many people comment about the unexpected beauty of the Grand River Valley... they can't believe such a place exists sixty miles from Toronto.

Below are the two favorite routes of our canoeing customers.

The above Glen Morris to Paris is our intermediate route.

The above Paris to Brant Park route is the preferred beginner trip.

What makes the Grand a good starting place for beginners, is how shallow and warm the river is. Most people paddle from mid-May until October. The water temperatures are normally between 20-23 Celsius. The river speed is about 2-3 km/hour. If you tip over, just stand up... because the river averages 1 meter in depth.

There are a number of different sections to paddle. Most paddling sections are 10-12 kms long taking about 3 hours or more to enjoy. If wishing a longer trip, we simply join river sections together. 

A warning... So often people show up with the idea of maximum distance for maximum dollar! Not a good idea… because at the end… you are exhausted, sunburnt and "pissed" at choosing to go too far.

Here is the link about costs/times on our Grand River Rafting canoe trips. You need to make reservations because what we do is stage the boats in advance of your arrival... so everything is ready to go.

How the canoe trip works… you park at the end point, hop on a bus/van that shuttles to the start. At the start point, our staff equips you with paddle, life jacket, dry bag and board. Then the staff gives you a Grand River map and goes over the route with you. Then off you go, with no time limit. Paddling back to your vehicle.

The canoes can carry a 3rd adult in the middle or two small children. Some people bring dogs... but remember with unexpected dog movements the canoe becomes more tippy!

Recommended attire is bathing suits, shorts and t-shirts, shoes that can get wet, sunglasses with strings, baseball caps or wide brimmed hats and good sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. For those that are fair-skinned, long sleeves and pants are a good idea. If you need eye glasses... please bring strings so not to lose in the river.

If looking for a great meal or ice cream after… visit the riverside town of Paris… walk this small town... experience the shops and restaurants... bring back good memories.

View of the Town of Paris on the Grand River.


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