Rafting... Something Families Can Do Together... Infants to 92 Years

Discover family rafting trips on the Grand River near Paris, Ontario... 1 hour west of Toronto This is an experience for all ages.

Excellent for non-swimmers, because the river averages 1 meter in depth. Also the rafts cannot tip over. So regardless of size, age or skill... family rafting on the Grand River is a great way to experience everything together. Link about the Grand River.

With your trip, everything is included in the price... raft, all safety & paddling equipment, a dry bag and your shuttle ride... all you do is bring yourselves and a food cooler with your lunches.

You can do a self-guided trip where you are shown the route and given a map... or for an additional fee, you can have a guide travel with you for the day, steering the raft down the river. The river is easy to do... the guides are more for learning about the wildlife, trees and First Nation history.

The routes paddle through a wilderness of birds & fish, green forests, spring drinking water and places to swim. There are no stores along the way, but there are picnic tables and portable washrooms.

There are two routes to choose from. Paris to Brant Park is the beginner route with a picnic area along the way. The Glen Morris to Paris is the more experienced route, with some rapids. The picnic area is at the end. Both trips are very scenic... averaging 10-12 kms. Most families take 3-5 hours to do.

Below are the two favorite routes of our canoeing customers.

The above Glen Morris to Paris is our intermediate route.

The above Paris to Brant Park route is the preferred beginner trip.

What makes the Grand a good starting place for beginners, is how shallow and warm the river is. Most people raft from May until October. The water temperatures are normally between 20-23 Celsius. The river speed is about 2-3 km/hour. If you tip over, just stand up... because the river averages 1 meter in depth.

Recommended attire is bathing suits, shorts and t-shirts, shoes that can get wet, sunglasses with strings, baseball caps or wide brimmed hats and good sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. For those that are fair-skinned, long sleeves and pants are a good idea.

How the trip works... you park at the end point, take a bus/van to the start. At the start, our staff equips you with paddle, life jacket and dry bag. Next the staff gives you a Grand River map, going over the route with you. Then off you go, with no time limit... paddling back to your vehicle.

Reservations are a must... we host over 30,000 people yearly. Please call 519-442-2519 or email. Open 7 days a week.

If weather is bad, you have 3 choices...

  1. Be crazy and come... or move your time around
  2. Pick another date
  3. Get a full refund

The end point is well marked. You simply pull in, return your gear and get in your vehicles. No fuss! See our reviews on Trip Advisor.

If looking for a great meal or ice cream… visit the riverside town of Paris… walk this small town... experience the shops and restaurants... bring back good memories.

View of the Town of Paris on the Grand River.


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